We have various events at We’Moon Land, involving small to large groups, having myriad purposes. Some events happen regularly, some not. There is no set schedule. There have been weekend camp-outs, seasonally-themed gatherings, womyn’s circles, weddings, art-making, personal growth workshops, meditation retreats, Come-Work-on-the-Land Days, board meetings for feminist non-profits… If you’d like to attend a circle or other event, email & inquire. If you are considering having a gathering, contact us to discuss your ideas, & to come for a planning visit!

Upcoming Events :

SUNDAY JUNE 20: Wheel of the Year Summer Solstice Sun Celebration.

Free overnight. Bring your bedding.  See the event flier here.

Please call  the WeMoon Land Line to RSVP: 503-630-3628


JUNE 26 11 AM – 3 PM WMU/WMHS Work Party. 

Sat Hauling logs and branches cut into firewood for  stacking onto pallets to season.

Gathering and potluck to follow.  Free Overnight. Bring your bedding.


JULY 2-4 Day & Womyn’s Interdependence Weekend.  Overnight

Women’s Interdependence Weekend – Fun camping & community building!

Please see this link for event details & registration/RSVP.

Requested donation: $25-$50 sliding scale includes option to  camp Fri./Sat.


JULY 16-19 All days/nights Closed event 

JULY 25 TBA WMU Workshop – Simple Summer  Sun Tincture: Plant Medicine 101. For the

curious beginner. Donations welcomed. Watch

for our flyer!


Past Events:

SAT 1 PM – 4 PM May 1stBeltane Celebration & Sister’s SWAP. Ceremony at 3PM.

Join fun times for womyn this spring at WeMoon Land! The great Mother is bringing in the sun and letting go of old baggage to make room for new growth. We’re hosting a sister’s swap & give away, with the remainder of (quality!) items gathered to be donated to local womyn & mutual aid efforts.

We’ll have some plants/starts succulents to give away, seeds, earthy art supplies, funky attire & misc things that could be traded or gifted. Join us in lifting spirits and clearing space in each one’s inner sanctuary. 

SUN 11 AM – 3 PM May 2ndWeMoon Garden Work Party. Get in touch with Mother Earth by helping out. 

Our next WeMoon Land Stewardship & Gardening Party is
SUNDAY May 2nd at 11am,.
NAKED GARDENING is okay but we strongly encourage closed toed shoes, gloves, and you must mask up within 10 feet on any other women. We also encourage sunscreen & lots of water!
If You need to be out there planting seeds and pulling weeds on May 1st that is okay too! We will be celebrating Beltane!
SUN 11 AM – 3 PM May 2nd – WeMoon Garden Work Party. Get in touch with Mother Earth by helping out.
Come for the day or stay over on Saturday night!
Would you like to RSVP for day or overnight? Want to schedule a short term visit? Attend a work party or work shop? Maybe thinking about joining a womyn’s community like ours? 

Email us at or go to our contact page. Thx!

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