We’Moon Land is a small non-profit residential womyn’s community.

We exist as a sanctuary for women and nature, and provide space for feminist retreats, workshops, and gatherings in celebration of womyn’s spirituality and culture.

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May 1, 2021   11 AM -4 PM    Saturday – Beltane Celebration & Sister SWAP. Ceremony at 3 PM

Join fun times for womyn this spring at WeMoon Land! The great Mother is bringing in the sun and letting go of old baggage to make room for new growth. We’re hosting a sister’s swap & give away, with the remainder of (quality!) items gathered to be donated to local womyn & mutual aid efforts.

We’ll have some plants/starts succulents to give away, seeds, earthy art supplies, funky attire & misc things that could be traded or gifted. Join us in lifting spirits and clearing space in each one’s inner sanctuary.

May 2, 2021   11AM – 3 PM    Sunday – WeMoon Stewardship Garden Work Party

Get in touch with Mother Earth by helping out.

Please email to let us know you’d like to attend wemoonland@gmail.com. Thx!

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